GBP/EUR Hits 1.2…. Again

Time and again we have seen recently pound/euro exchange rates flirt with 1.2 but struggle to move above. With a broadly weaker Euro today the gains made yesterday have been reversed as we have seen a few times lately. The IMF announcing Greece needs further austerity measures put further pressure on today, on top of worries about Spain and Portugal coming to the forefront.

I feel we will continue to see these fluctuations between the pair moving between the 1.19 and 1.2 range. Its a case if you have a buying or selling euro requirement to try and catch it at the best time for your needs. By letting us know your requirements and time scales let us be your eyes and ears on the markets and let us inform you of spikes in your favour to maximise your yield. Contact me directly by email or contact one of the experts traders at Currency Index via our contact form.

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